“Master Builder” (noun)

Recalling the principles of the historic “Master Builder”, Lambert Architecture + Construction Services strives for excellence and earns our client’s confidence and trust through integrated core vale analysis and an innovative design approach.

The “Master Builder” refers to a central figure leading construction projects in pre-modern times, dating back to the earliest civilizations (a precursor to the modern architect and engineer).  Kings, Pharaoh’s and Emperors would summon a “Master Builder” to embark upon the creation of ancient structures, like the Great Pyramids, to execute their visions.  The “Master Builder” was entrusted to construct their visions from conception to completion.  They were reveled not only for their ability to rear a magnificent structure, but for their ability to comprehend architectural plans and skillfully weave together all materials necessary to make up the strength, beauty and harmony showcased through the specializations and craftsmanship inherent of the “Master Builder”.

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Core Value Analysis

Our integrated project approach provides valuable knowledge assisting our clients in making informed decisions throughout the design process.

Engaged & Committed Team

Effective listening
Personalized service
Exceedng client's expectations.

Interactive Design Process

Collaborative process
3D Building Information Software
Minimized coordination issues

Budget/Cost Estimating/Scheduling

In house cost estimating
Detailed breakdown
Anticipated scope of work.

Programming/ Master Planning

Tangible road map for success
Sustainable, innovative solutions
Shape future communities

Our Delivery Model

Throughout the life span of our projects, we pride ourselves on the services and results we deliver through our diverse delivery models accomplishing our client’s dreams and goals. The most important component of our process is effective listening. By being engaged throughout the entire design process we are able to deliver a level of personalized service that allows us to exceed our client’s expectations. This includes the commitment and dedication of key personnel throughout the life of the project and direct principal involvement from our team. By having Construction Management Services in-house, we are able to provide realistic budgets and cost estimates for our clients early in the design process.

Award Winning Projects

1620 Main Street – Agape Corporate

Landtech Office

Central Fire Station Redevelopment

Lambert Architecture + Construction Services

McCrory Construction Office

2018 Historic Preservation Honor Award – Kress Corner

2018 Historic Preservation Award – Shandon Presbyterian Church

2018 Historic Preservation Award – 1619-1621 Main Street

2016 Historic Preservation  Honor Award – 1614, 1620, 1626 Main Street

2016 Historic Preservation Honor Award – 522 Lady Street

2016 Historic Columbia Preservation Award – 522 Lady Street

2015 Historic Preservation Award – Agape Complex

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