We’re proud of our team and keeping an eye open for people with similar experience – If you’re passionate about architecture and design and think you have what it takes, send a cover letter, your resume and samples of your work to scott@lambertarchcs.com for all opportunities.

Lambert Architecture + Construction Services
Office Address:

522 Lady Street
Columbia, SC 29201

P. (803) 451.8359

Mailing Address:

PO Box 5250
Columbia, SC 29205

Scott Lambert

P: (803) 726.6363

E: scott@lambertarchcs.com

Rich Spicer

P: (803) 518.0172

E: rich@lambertarchcs.com

Josh Bucher

P: (803) 726.6368

E: jbucher@lambertarchcs.com

Wendy Bergmann

P: (803) 726.6367

E: wendy@lambertarchcs.com

Steve Costell

P: (803) 726.6369

E: steve@lambertarchcs.com

Didier Nobels

P: (803) 726.6366

E: didier@lambertarchcs.com

Whitney Steinbrecher

P: (803) 726.6365

E: whitney@lambertarchcs.com

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