REI Automation

Cutting Edge Technology


LDJ – Florence Harllee Boulevard

An Industrial Application


Goodwill Industries

Putting people back to work


Trax Art Visual Center

An Exhibition Space


Piggy Back's Restaurant

Hometown Hospitality


Lake City Artfields Offices

A Creative Approach


Northeastern Technical College

Transforming spaces for higher education


Central Fire Station

A future that embraces the past


American Spinning Mill

A catalyst for community growth


Shandon Presbyterian Church

Impacting Columbia's history through restoration


Steel Hands Brewing

Creating a destination through revitalization


The Grand on Main

A new way to look at Main Street


Our Vision

To earn our client’s confidence and trust through our integrated core value analysis and innovative design approach, recalling principals of the historic “master builder”.  Our goal is to develop a client-focusing, customized project delivery model designed to accomplish established building program goals.

Delivering client-focused design

Our expansive project portfolio provides a creative and unique design perspective while offering diverse delivery models aimed at meeting our client’s specific needs.

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Historic Consulting

Construction Services



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Our Mission

To be a leading regional architecture firm focused on providing a more expansive level of services than traditionally found within the architecture profession by delivering consulting and construction services that further integrate the process of design and construction management.

Our Architecture Services

We offer full-service architectural design services including interior design, planning, programming and concept development through construction documentation and construction administration.  In addition, we offer historical consulting, including the preparation of historic tax credit documents as well as assisting in funding procurement on public and private projects.

Our Construction Services

In addition to our full service architectural design services, we provide a diversity of construction management services.  Our integrated delivery process elevates the projects we serve, providing solution-driven methodologies that ensure our client’s success before it begins.